Choosing a Wedding Band

In choosing a wedding band, many people have many conclusions leading to many decisions.


Because all of us are so different, we want different ideas and all the unique designs that we can ever find.

However, that being said, there is only one thing that will restrict us, and that is the cost.

There are many ways to choose the best wedding bands, however, there are the best tips that you can find, are always the same:

So all in all, you want to take note of these 3:



The size of the ring is very important. Because our fingers gets bigger or contracts due to weather changes, we need to get the right size. If not, it will either be too big or too small, which you cannot even secure it.



Design is very important, as you will be wearing the ring for the rest of your life! You want a special and unique design that can spell your uniqueness all over! Most importantly, have one that you really like, because afterall, you are the one wearing it and looking at it, forever =)



Lastly, pricing and cost is very important too. Dont go into debt because you like a large diamond on the ring. Yes diamonds are forever but not a necessity if you cannot afford it. Be wise =)

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posh yacht for charter!

A to Z about Renting Yacht in Singapore‏

Are you looking at having a yacht for a function, a party or for your wedding? With so many yacht charters in Singapore, it is somewhat complicated to find the most recommended one. There are lots of criteria to consider before deciding to rent the most luxurious yacht, along with the best service and rent cost. Everyone should pay attention to several factors such as: 


The establishment of a company is very important in determining its reputation if you are seriously looking at chartering yacht in Singapore. The same thing applies to yacht charter Singapore. Whenever there are too many options to choose, one should take a look at the company’s establishment in this business. When the yacht service has catered many clients for at least five years, then it is well-proven to be a very professional one. Any client will never hesitate to spread good or bad features about any service. Trying to browse around for the best and the most recommended renting yacht in Singapore is what everyone should do. 

beautiful yacht interiors

Customized Packages

A well reputed yacht charter Singapore never fails to satisfy its clients in providing a massive array of packages, for both big and small events. Still, it is always advisable to find out about the complete fees or any kind of charge that the yacht charter company applies. Many yacht charter companies even provide customized packages that everyone can adjust to one’s budget and needs. This is why, it is recommended to find the company that welcome all inquiries that its clients need. 

beautiful yacht interiors


The cost of yacht rental is very crucial when it comes to getting the perfect yacht you are looking for. Do note that the range can be from the hundreds to thousands, to even tens of thousands of dollars.

So do your research well and make sure not to be sucked into deals and offers that seem too good to be true.

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wedding gown singapore

Save Cost By Renting Your Gown‏ in SINGAPORE

Are you getting married sometime soon? Are you worried about spending more than you have budgeted for? Cost is usually a big factor and that is why we highly recommend that for your big day, go ahead with wedding dress rental Singapore.

While a wedding day is one of the most special days that you can ever have, it can turn the rest of your marriage into a nightmare. If your wedding day causes a strain on your finances, you are likely to experience this nightmare quite soon. So, what can you do to avoid trouble?

You should consider renting a gown because the cost savings on the initial purchase is a huge factor here.  In Singapore wedding gown rental is an affordable and nice way of getting by. Buying wedding gowns is expensive. In fact, the amount of money you spend on a high quality wedding gown is high enough to wipe off some of your major wedding bills. So, why should you spend so much money on an outfit that you can only wear once?

pretty wedding gown singapore

By renting a wedding gown that is currently popular in Singapore, you will be able to make cost savings on the initial purchase cost. After all, you will only be paying to borrow the dress for a while. This means that you do not need to pay steep costs to own it forever. When you are done with using the dress, someone else will wear it and pay a similar amount for the privilege. This cost sharing is what will help you keep more money in your pocket. This is a win-win situation for all parties involved.

rent your wedding gown

You need to consider heavily on your finances as renting a gown is way more a better choice than buying one. Because for one, you will not be wearing it after your wedding day, and you definitely will not want to spend a large sum of money for that. Unless you have really enough fortunes to go ahead and buy them, it is usually a smarter choice to have it rented. You do not need to worry about storing it too. And the maintaining of the gown too. By renting, you not only save cost, but effort, time and resources too.

Do some research online before choosing your gown too!

The headaches associated with maintaining wedding gown in its purchase condition are just not worth it. You are far better off renting your wedding gown for temporary use. After that, you can return the gown to the rental shop and let them worry about all aspects of keeping it in good shape. The amount of money you pay for renting a bridal gown will therefore be much less than that spent on maintenance in the long term.

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Tips for Getting Unique Singapore Wedding Videography‏

In Singapore, it used to be a lot of wedding photos, and so much emphasis has been given to it. It is indeed still the most basic for weddings, but wedding videography is increasing and is getting a lot of attention here in the recent years. It is a great and unique way of recording the big day and the experience. In time to come, couples can look back and have smiles on their faces. The actual day’s laughters and sound is still vivid.

Below we explore 3 ways on how to communicate with the videographer for a unique wedding videography in singapore

1. Make an appointment. ALWAYS. Always meet your videographer in person. A singapore wedding videography is pretty easy to reach, considering that we live on a small red dot. Could the videographer answer most of your queries? You must feel comfortable with them and make sure they are not artists with attitude. I’ve heard of horror stories… A professional wedding videographer holds customer service in high regards, next to the perfection of their craft.


2. Do research on their past works. Go online, ask around or meet up with the videographers and check with them that the works match what they say. You don’t want to engage one and regret later on, it is just not worth the time and effort.


3. Decide on the deliverables. 3 sets DVDs? Highlights? Same-day edit? Full length edit? Each will cost you. Consider it an investment when you look at it 15 years later and feel a rush of love for your other half when he said his vows. Ask how long it would take to complete your wedding video you wouldn’t want to wait 2 years. Usual timeline is about 3-6 months.

With regards to singapore wedding videography packages, there are many suitable options and choices. Just imagine several creative and artsy minds with top-notch technology and a striking experience on the way to utilize it appropriately – this is just what you’ll receive in an deal. When you want to help make your own big event photograph firing as well as video to become a true craft that may mirror all of the strength of your respective sensations plus the sensations of your respective household, professional wedding videographers are actually what you are looking for anyone. Ebay are certainly not thinking about only filming what ever is actually happening for your wedding day. They commit their time to find out what is special about your couple, to familiarize yourself with you and produce a wedding ceremony movie you’ll love!

Have a real full time professional to do your job. Some people want to cut cost and all, but think about it, do you want to risk your big day on a bootlegged video? It is your day, make it unique and pretty! This is once in a life event and don’t scrimp for a small sum.

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Wedding Planning Tips To Help You‏

Congratulations on getting married! Planning a wedding ceremony is never easy and the more weddings you go to, the more ideas you will want to implement on your actual big day. Really, some people are so unrealistic you begin to wonder how to actually make it.

Truth to be told, many levels of preparation are required when you are taking into consideration of getting a wedding planned. Do not fret, take a slow confident step every turn you make and that is sure that you are doing things right. Do not rush into things and do not get into a rush in buying things that you may not need. If you wait till everything and do them at the end, you will definitely be very stressed up and everything will start falling down. Do not wait until then!

All the fine little details are needed and you need to make sure things do not get out of shape, keep track of them and make sure things are settled and called for. For the wedding decoration, have a group of trusted friends that you can rely on and tell and convey to them your idea. Tell them what you want, what you like and what you want implemented. From there, dedicate jobs to them and make sure they know what you want and do exactly what you say and want. Make sure the venue is optimized to your liking and it is of the right size for the number of guests you are going to invite.

Next, are you going to do catering buffet style or banquet dinner or lunch style? Get these basics done soon and you will save a lot of time and effort. Get into the choosing of the menu, cuisine, style of food and the different dishes early. Call for a food tasting if needed. All these so that you can make sufficient changes to the food items early. Make sure the venue and food caterer knows and gets communicated early, to prevent any disappointment.

wedding gown
wedding gown

Remember to dedicate tasks to your close friends, siblings or relatives or family members. You will have too many things to note and do and by outsourcing tasks, you make your life easier and relaxed. No one can handle too many tasks at hand and do a good job. So that is why it is very important to dedicate.

For wedding entertainment, if you can do it yourself, you should. That will show guests how sincere and fun you are. And it will be very personalized and unique, as opposed to having others entertain for you. Of course if you are not comfortable with that, you can always hire some musicians, a DJ, or even some acts to help you entertain your guests.  

About preparing yourself for the wedding, remember to style yourself in the fashion that you like. It is the biggest day of your life, therefore it is very important that you look god on that day! Remember to get the hair style that you always wanted, you want it to go along with your wedding attire as well, so remember to choose the style that goes with it.

Hope these wedding tips will get you started on preparing for your wedding!

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